eCo Savings Race: team updates

Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

(WIAT) — As we begin 2016, we’re at the halfway point for this year’s eCo Savings Race.

Nathan Pearman with eCo Credit Union said, “I think the three teams, when they came in, had a good idea of kind of  where they wanted to be. But none of them were on track with …maybe having a budget or having a set plan each month.”

Pearman said that the teams have made steady progress. He said, “After going through financial peace and meeting with the coaches here at eCO, I think they…learned quite a few things now that they might not have known coming into the race. I think we’ve seen the teams start  to  gather those and start working on them.”

For Pierce and Brooke McCord, it’s been about staying focused.

Pearman said, “The McCord’s are off to a great start. I think they had three big goals. That was paying off debt, saving,  and then giving. I think they started off first by paying off the debt….grinding that out…and then start to save and give at the same time…they’re learning to get better and better. and that saves them more money and money for the future.”

For Tres and Erin Kennedy, it’s about laying a solid foundation.

Pearman said, “The Kennedy’s came in with a game plan as well. They’re newlyweds. So they wanted to start their financial picture off right with each other. And they came in to try and pay off the rest of their debt that they had…and then their major game plan is to save for a home. Having a set goal and going after it has really helped them.”

For Jacob and Molly Gaydosh, it’s about staying committed to the process.

Pearman said, “Team Gaydosh is off to a great start in the Savings Race. I think they’ve learned that budgeting is a process. Maybe the first month doesn’t work out…maybe it’s the second month that hits….maybe it’s the third month. They’ve really nailed down their budget. It takes some time. They’re learning each month. But having four kids, you never know what might come up.”

Nathan says all of the teams are doing well and are getting rid of debt.

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