This week, we are sharing our final Team Sproule update before the finale next month!

No matter what happens, Team Sproule says they are thankful for the lifelong financial skills they have learned during their eCO Savings Race Journey. 

Throughout the race, Melissa and Bobby have continued to prioritize giving back above everything else. 

 “We’ve always done this, but the budget software we’re using specifically puts giving in the budget. You’ve got your giving first, you’ve got your saving second,” Bobby said. 

One of the most significant changes for the Sproules is that Melissa has taken an active role in helping in the budgeting process and finding creative ways to save money. 

 “I feel like it has stretched us in multiple areas. Number one, is me coming alongside my husband and learning about our budget, in learning about our finances. Before, I had just given it all to him to handle. That’s been a stretching moment for me, but it’s also been great,” Melissa said.

eCO Takeaway Tip:

Many people avoid making a budget or helping their spouse with the budget because it’s not in their comfort zone. Like building physical muscles, getting started can often be the hardest part of stretching your financial muscles, but the end result is always worth it! Whether it’s asking your spouse to run through the budget with you or taking the time to review your spending for the last few months, make a plan on where to start and make sure someone holds you accountable. 

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