BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s a race to save the green.

Four teams are cutting back on finances to score more money in the bank.

This week we focus on last year’s Eco Savings Race winners, the Dodd Family. Here’s how they are still conquering the challenges of maintaining a smart budget, because it’s not an easy ride when you’re working towards being debt free.

“There were some slip ups that we had to go back and correct it,” said Dana Dodd. “With the budget, we’re still telling our money where to go.

The Dodds are championing through, and the progress made since participating in the Eco Savings Race is significant.

“We had 18 credit cards and we ended with two,” said Dana Dodd. “We had four when the race ended, but we paid off two with our winnings.”

The Dodd’s financial coach tells WIAT that they are still on the right track for long term financial peace.

“I know they do want to be debt free. That’s something they think they can achieve, which before the savings race ever started, I don’t think they really thought they’d ever be in this position,” said financial coach Jeff Jones.

Now, the Dodds offer their advice for others who may be struggling to take on the challenge.

“The budget is key to everything,” said Dana Dodd. “It’s basically your life, your money. It’s there you’re telling it where to go and it really makes you feel like you know if you’re really going to make it that month.”

Now they continue on the path of working towards a greener future together.

You can learn from each team in the Eco Savings Race. Track their progress and follow their blogs for more information.

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