BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — If you’ve been sneezing, coughing or croaking lately, you’re not alone.

The fall allergy season is in full swing, and health experts say cases are already ramping back up.

“We’re not just seeing those allergy [patients], we’re also seeing those people that may have underlying issues such as asthma that get aggravated with the pollen,” said Dr. Colleen Donohue, Chief Medical Officer for Ascension Medical Group.

Allergist and immunologist Dr. Weily Soong with AllerVie Health said ragweed and mold from falling leaves are the top types of pollen to blame right now, and the recent drought conditions are only making it worse.

“The drier weather prevents the pollen from being washed away, so there’s a lot more in the atmosphere, a lot more on surfaces … I tell everybody start a nasal spray right now, and be consistent with it,” Soong said.

Both doctors also suggested over the counter antihistamines, such as plain Claritin or Allegra, in addition to nasal steroids, such as Flonase. If those don’t work over time, they said to talk to your doctor about seeing an allergist.

One seasonal allergy patient who doesn’t play around with the sneezing season is DeAngelo Davis, who encouraged others with seasonal allergies to do the same.

“I take Zyrtec on a daily basis to keep my allergies down … You just have to prepare for it,” Davis said.