BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WKRG) – He was on the run for five weeks with a jug on his head, braving cold temperatures and scared of anyone trying to help.

“His body conditions show that he was trying to eat, find food, water,” said Bay Minette Animal Control Officer Ashlynn Hale.

The jug made it tough, but he somehow managed to rub a hole in the bottom of the plastic container for air. Hale believes that hole also helped him get needed food and water on the streets. She said concerned residents near Brady Road in Bay Minette started calling police in October when they first spotted the dog, providing tips on where to look.

“I’m just hoping that we can get to him in time before something happens,” Hale said. “He can’t see where he’s going. Hopefully he didn’t run out into the middle of a road.”

But last week, Hale set a trap in the area and to her surprise it worked. The dog is now on antibiotics and has some healing to do, but overall the pup, nicknamed “jug head”, is in good shape considering what he’s encountered over the last month.

“He does have a couple of wounds on his ankles, on his feet where they’re just swollen,” Hale explained. “There’s no telling because he couldn’t see where he was running, so he might have run through a fence and caught his leg.”

After five weeks on the run he’s ready for a home. The dog is expected to go up for adoption in two weeks. He’s walking better, but still skittish. Hale said no one has claimed the dog, so now it’s her mission to make sure he goes to a good home.

You can reach out to animal control for adoption information by clicking here.