Doctors urging everyone to get flu vaccines during COVID-19 pandemic

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Symptoms for COVID-19 are often described as flu-like. While the coronavirus and the flu appear similar symptomatically, doctors are highlighting a major difference: one of these viruses has a vaccine.

As flu season nears, doctors are saying its all the more important to get your influenza vaccine. UAB Dr. Erin Delaney is hopeful current restrictions will mean a milder flu season but said there is a lot we don’t know.

“Part of the reason we’re encouraging people to get vaccinated and to take these precautions is because we’re not sure what the flu and COVID could look like together,” Dr. Delaney said.

The flu typically develops one to four days after exposure. COVID-19 can take a lot longer, up to 14 days. Doctors say the flu vaccine can not give you the flu.

“This is something we can really do to protect them by getting the flu vaccines,” Dr. Delaney said.

If you’re concerned it may be too early for flu shots, the CDC recommends getting them in September and October.


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