TALLADEGA, Ala. (WIAT) — Filming for the movie Trading Paint starring John Travolta was postponed Wednesday due to the weather, but a few dirt track race car drivers were still hanging out at the track. They’ve been driving alongside Travolta for the film.

Shun “Oreo” Thomas traveled from South Carolina with his car in tow to be in the film, and he said the filming days have been long.

“We’re in the car a lot, in and out. You spend more time them directing it than getting to do what you want to do. They hit a scene, take a break. We’ve been shooting from four until four in the morning, some from four to five, from four to six,” said Thomas.

He said the speeds have been a bit slower than he’s used to, but it’s been a once in a lifetime opportunity that he was excited to get.

“Never in my life. First time. It’s been amazing!” said Thomas.

Rita Donahoo, the Public Relations contact for the Talladega Short Track, said they’ve enjoyed having the film crew at the track. She said they put Travolta behind the wheel of a dirt car and he did surprisingly well.

“He practiced over here a couple of days. Did very well! Very well for someone who had never been in a dirt car!”

“Never been in a dirt car? You guys just put him in one and let him go?” I asked.

“Yeah!” said Donahoo. “Well, he asked questions, he listened, he took off slow, built his speed up. He did it actually around the parking lot because it was a day like today. It was raining. He was that adamant about gonna learn this thing. We did that. He came back the next day, it was dry and he got on the track here and took off.”

Filming was cancelled for Thursday as well, but film crews are scheduled to be at the track Friday, Saturday and possibly during a race on Sunday. Those days may be your best bet if you’re trying to catch a glimpse of Travolta. If you’ve ever wanted to be in a movie, they do still need extras to fill the stands.