Debate continues to rage before Jeff Sessions goes before Tuesday confirmation hearing


(WIAT) — President Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, is scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Democrats on the committee have said they will ask for an extension before they vote on whether to confirm Sessions to the post, asking for the extra time to do their “due diligence.”

Meanwhile, some groups in Alabama are actively opposing the appointment. The Human Rights Campaign of Birmingham will hold a meeting Tuesday morning in Tuscaloosa, protesting Sessions. The LGBT advocacy group will be joined by representatives from the NAACP and Hispanic advocacy organizations. Eva Kendrick, the Alabama State Manager of HRC, believes that Sessions’s record makes its own argument.

“In congress, Jeff Sessions voted for a constitutional ban on marriage equality, spoke in opposition to the supreme court’s ruling extending marriage equality nationwide, is a sponsor of the first amendment defense act, which would allow Kim Davis-style discrimination against LGBTQ people across the nation,” Kendrick said.

However, Sessions does have a lot of support in Alabama, especially among Republicans. He’s served as senator since 1996, and he became a main adviser to Trump even before his primary victory.

Jim Carns, a Republican state senator, says he believes Sessions will be confirmed.

“They need to look at the man,” Carns said. “They need to look at the individual, especially after the last two attorney generals that have served, with all the problems they had. This is a man that has integrity. He is, in my opinion, the first and last boy scout.”

Sessions needs 50 of 100 senators’ votes to clear the chamber. The Republicans currently hold 52 seats in the Senate.

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