Cullman residents express concern over treatment plant’s foul odor


CULLMAN, Ala. (WIAT) — Something foul is in the air in some Cullman neighborhoods. People who live near the city’s wastewater treatment plant on Welti Road say the stench is spreading through their neighborhoods, bringing bugs with it.

“I just bought a property out here and I told someone where it was out on Welti Road and they said, oh that’s ‘Dooky Holler’,” said resident Barry Borum. “When I was looking at the building to purchase, I walked out behind the building and I started to smell this awful smell.”

The superintendent of the plant, Jeff Adams, says the city is working to correct the problem. He says the smell has intensified over the last year since construction began at the facility.

“We’ve had to clean out a lot of things, put some new stuff in, once that gets in, it will be a lot better,” said Adams.

The city is also investing in a mist that should drive some of the odor away, said Adams. That should be approved at the City Council meeting within the next two weeks.

People who live near the plant say they hope that happens quickly.

“It smells like raw sewage. It will take your breath away when the wind is blowing the right direction, which is about 50 percent of the time,” Borum said.

The mist the city plans to purchase is already in use at several wastewater treatment plants in Ohio, but Adams says Cullman will be one of the first cities in Alabama to utilize the technology.

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