Cullman elementary school unofficially adopts neighborhood cat, name him Cubbie after mascot


CULLMAN, Ala. (WIAT) — Any given weekday, you’re likely to find Cubbie the Cat patrolling the grounds of Cullman’s East Elementary School.

Principal at East Elementary School David Wiggins and Cubbie on the school’s campus.

During the first week of November, the multicolored tabby started spending time around school grounds. The schools’ students, staff and parents have been attached to him since.

Cubbie with a student at East Elementary School.

“He shows up every morning right before school and he’ll lay on the sidewalk,” East Elementary Principal David Wiggins said. “When the car stops, kids get out, he’ll walk down to the child, they’ll pet him, he’ll follow them up a bit, they’ll walk in the building, they’ll lay down. Next car pulls up, he’ll walk down to them, get his love and he’ll lay back down.”

Cubbie waits and greets students as they are dropped off at school.

This has become routine for Cubbie. Much like he’s done for himself the last week, Wiggins said Cubbie has made the school feel more like home for students.

“He would walk up to each student and they would pet him. And he has stayed around ever since.”

If you’re wondering if one of the students is responsible for letting the cat in the school, it wasn’t. It was Wiggins.

“One day I went to the front door and he was there and I said, ‘come on in,'” Wiggins said. “He walked right into the school.”

So what happens when you give a cat a school? Well, since Cubbie set paws on campus, Wiggins said everyone around the school has spoiled him rotten. 

Cubbie with another student at East Elementary School.

“We’ve had parents donate food, one donated a bed, he’s got food bowls and water bowls at the front door.”

But as one East Elementary School third grade student put it, Cubbie is doing more for them.

“It kind of makes students feel more consolable about COVID-19,” he said.

“Cubbie has brought a lot of that comfort back to school,” Wiggins said. “So when we have students that are struggling emotionally, we bring in Cubbie, or bring them out to Cubbie and it all kind of washes away.”

Cubbie belongs to a former East Elementary School student who lives in the surrounding neighborhood. So, if and when, Cubbie settles down into another part of town, Wiggins said the community won’t be simply forgetting about him.

“I have a feeling, considering the parents who have reached out if Cubbie doesn’t stay, here’s a kitten. I have a feeling that’s about to be a conversation we’re gonna have to have.”

Until then, Wiggins says as long as he’s making the kids happy, Cubbie is welcome anytime.


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