TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Right now, fans are gearing up to cheer on the Alabama Crimson Tide as they take on the Ole Miss Rebels Saturday afternoon.

The rocky start to their season is not something Alabama football fans are used to. After a devastating loss against Texas and an unsettling win against South Florida, fans say they can’t help but feel a little uneasy about what this means for Alabama football.

CBS42 asked fans where they think the Saban Dynasty stands. They said they’ll never count Saban out, and they just need a little time to figure things out.

Longtime Alabama fan, Clint Downing, said he believes Saban is the best coach in modern history.

Downing said they of course want to be 3-0 right now but thinks Coach Saban and his team will do what’s necessary to pull out a good game and season.

“It’s hard not to be disappointed for these guys,” said Downing, who also serves as the manager of Coaches Corner RV Park. “You know they work really hard all week long to play the game and they’re much more disappointed than I am, I’m sure. But, you know, being a true Alabama fan, I’m going to cheer for them no matter what happens.”

Jared Patterson said he has faith in the Tide, and as long as they have Saban, they’re going to be good. He is confident Alabama will beat Ole Miss big, turn things around and even seek another national championship.

“We got the king of the ship,” said Patterson. “I mean, he’s the best coach in all of football. So, there’s nothing to worry about I don’t think. We’ll get it fixed and of course week to week adjustments will be made and by national championship time we’ll be ready.”

Other fans added with former Alabama assistant coach Lane Kiffin in town, there’s no one else they’d rather beat.

“Anytime you bring in Lane Kiffin here you never know what’s up his sleeve but (it) should be an exciting weekend here in town,” said Josh Rivers.

While it may be empty and quiet right now, Tuscaloosa is going to be booming with fans and gameday fun on Friday.

The quad is already set up and ready to go for tailgaters, and several businesses are preparing to welcome fans and visitors on The Strip.

The Paul W. Bryant Museum is also amping up their gameday experience by giving fans a chance to meet with Alabama football honorary captains Scott Hunter and Johnny Musso for an autograph signing.

Educator and Outreach Coordinator Brian Mast said the museum offers a unique experience for fans and visitors to take a walk down memory lane immersed in Alabama football history.

“Getting to experience those and talk about their memories associated with it and say, ‘I was in college when this was happening, and this was so great to have the experience,’” said Mast. “So, they came to the Bryant Museum to relive that on the way to going to the game and seeing that in person. It’s almost like a rite of passage for people to come to the museum before they head to the game. It’s something we’re very excited to be a part of in everybody’s gameday experience.”

The museum will be open from 9a.m.- 4p.m, Friday and Saturday with the autograph signings happening from 10a.m.- 11a.m. on Saturday.  Kick off for Saturday’s game is at 2:30p.m at Bryant-Denny Stadium.