TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) —Tuscaloosa Police are looking for thieves who are stealing drivers’ personal information by using credit card skimmers at gas pumps.

TPD Captain Kip Hart says three skimmers have been found on three different gas station pumps along I-20-59 in Tuscaloosa County. The skimmers were promptly removed.

“It’s unclear how long they have been there,” Hart said. “The reason we did the release was to warn people who may have stopped at gas stations on the interstate over the past few months to go back and check their bank statements to make sure nothing’s been compromised.”

Leann McDaniel is a cashier at the Brookwood Shell gas station. She says she and her co-workers have been on the lookout for suspicious activity after hearing about the skimmer thefts. McDaniel hopes the perpetrators are arrested.

“They are going get caught and they will have to suffer the consequences. It’s just ridiculous and low down,” McDaniel said. “How can you take someone’s money that they have to work hard for their family? It’s sad.”

Tuscaloosa Police are asking the public to be careful, and report suspicious activity at gas pumps.