TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Police are now claiming another member of the Alabama men’s basketball team provided the gun that was used in a deadly shooting in Tuscaloosa last month.

During a two-hour court hearing Tuesday, five witnesses were called to testify regarding a shooting that happened Jan. 15 that resulted in the death of Jamea Harris off The Strip in Tuscaloosa. Darius Miles, a player on the team, and 20-year-old Michael Davis have each been charged with capital murder in the shooting.

“They are charged with capital murder because the victim was sitting in a vehicle when she was senselessly killed and shot,” Tuscaloosa Assistant District Attorney Paul Whitley said.

According to investigators, Davis and Miles got into an altercation with Harris’ boyfriend before the shooting. Police report that Miles allegedly admitted to giving the gun to Davis, who allegedly shot Harris to death.

During the hearing, a police officer testified that the gun used was in the car of Brandon Miller, one of Miles’ teammates on the basketball team. Police testified Miller brought Miles the gun, who then gave it to Davis.

DeCarla Heard, Harris’ mother, said she wants justice for her daughter.

“I am very angry,” said DeCarla Heard, Harris’ mother. “I have been angry since Jan. 15 and I haven’t stopped long enough to grieve because I am so angry she has a 5-year-old son at home still waiting for his mom to come home and she’s not going to come home.”

Miles and Davis were both denied bond.