MOUNDVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Police in Moundville are working to determine who fired a gunshot into a local newspaper office.

Moundville Times editor Travis Vaughn said he discovered a bullet hole in the front window of the building, located on Second Avenue, on May 7. While no one was injured due to the incident occurring overnight, he said it’s still a very scary situation.

“It’s very disturbing when you think about it, it’s unusual in Moundville for something like this to happen and you wonder in this line of business, is it personal or random?” Vaughn said. “Either way, it’s disturbing because we are a block away from city hall and the police department.”

Investigator Cole Ward said the incident is under investigation by the Moundville Police Department.

“If you do this type of in Moundville, we will find out who it is and we will put you in jail,” Ward said. “For this to happen in a residential area like this is concerning. Because we have people that are out here at all times of day and some people walk late at night and somebody does this and we are always worried about an innocent bystander getting hit.”

MPD said they have some leads but have not made an arrest. Anyone who has any information is encouraged to call Moundville Police.