Oneonta Police requests help to catch car thieves


ONEONTA, Ala. (WIAT) — The Oneonta Police Department needs the public’s help in catching thieves who have been stealing cars from local dealerships.

They request that if you travel through Oneonta on Alabama 75 or 2nd Avenue, especially in the early morning, to look out for suspicious activity.

OPD says that five cars have been stolen from their local dealership lots. A special edition vehicle had two windows knocked out and the limited edition seats were stolen from it.

The whole time this incident was taking place, law enforcement says that citizens were going in and out of a next-door business. They say that they know this due to reviewing video footage after the theft occurred. They say that either no one knew a theft was taking place, or if they did, they chose not to call the police.

Authorities say that they have made special assignments for officers to work extra shifts to try and catch the car thieves.

They say that Oneonta Investigators have several leads on some of the cases, but can’t catch a good break. OPD says this is why they are requesting the public’s help.

As many as 10 cars have been stolen from lots and neighborhoods, OPD says. They request people to lock their cars when parked and to not leave the keys inside of it.

OPD says that if you notice a vehicle near a dealership that is driving over a curb, driving around a closed gate, if you hear car horn honking or if you see headlights or taillights on, to please call 911 or the Blount County non-emergency number at (205) 625-4913.

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