BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — On November 4, 2021, Ladexter Pelt and John Dubose, Jr. flew from Alabama to California. A day later, they were seen near the town of Gridley, California.

In the last two years, they have never been seen again and two different juries have twice been unable to return a guilty verdict against the man accused of killing them.

On Monday, a hung jury was declared in the second case against Ricardo Banuelos, 32, who is charged with murdering Pelt and Dubose. According to Butte County (Calif.) District Attorney Michael Ramsey, the jury was deadlocked 7-5 on the two murder charges.

This comes after a previous hung verdict last summer, where the jury remained deadlocked 9-3 on the charges. However, the jury did convict Banuelos of transporting marijuana out of the state.

In a statement, Ramsey said that Pelt, the son of Eutaw City Councilwoman Tracey Hunter, and Dubose Jr. had originally come to California to purchase marijuana from Banuelos and that their last cell phone activity was detected at his home.

Neither Pelt or Dubose’s bodies have ever been found.

In addition, police are still searching for Banuelos’ brother, Alfredo, who is wanted on murder charges in the case.

No information has been released on whether or not a third trial would be held in the case.