Mom charged with murder after dropping baby in fight


ALBANY, Ga (CNN) — A South Georgia mom has been charged with murder. Surveillance video shows her baby falling out of her arms during a fight outside a beauty supply store. The baby later died and prosecutors say the mom is responsible.

Damon Arnold reports.

Moultrie Police tell WALB that the 3-month-old baby’s mom, Karen Harrison, is going to be charged with murder, cruelty to children, as well as simple family violence, and some other charges.

Police told WALB that the baby fell out of his mother’s arms during an altercation at a Moultrie business. WALB obtained some surveillance video that shows what happened in that fight, but we’re going to warn you that may be disturbing to watch.

This is only part of the video. We chose not to air the rest, due to its graphic nature. This all comes after a fight in the parking lot of a Moultrie Business, which is Thomas Beauty II on Friday. Officers say Harrison’s baby fell and hit the pavement. Moultrie Police say the baby was taken to the hospital the next day and died there. We also spoke with a frequent customer of the beauty supply store who says this should have never happened in the first place.

A customer said, “It just had me puzzled, just thrown off like why not put the baby down — avoid it mainly because you got a baby, just avoid the whole situation. I just feel so sad for the baby.”

Officers charged another woman, Carneata Clark, with false statements and writings and obstruction.

She’s accused of lying to the police about what happened to the baby. And police say the other woman involved in the fight hasn’t been charged yet at this time.

The body has been sent for an autopsy. They say that the investigation is going to be ongoing and more arrests are possible.

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