Mobile County homeowner confronts burglar inside his living room at gunpoint, spares his life

October 02 2021 06:00 pm

MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — A Mobile County homeowner confronted a burglar inside his living room at gunpoint and spared his life.

It happened at a home in Eight Mile in the early morning hours on June 5.

Derek Mosley, the homeowner, says he woke up in the middle of the night to a notification on his phone from his security camera. It was alerting him that there was someone trying to get inside his house.

In the surveillance video, you see the suspect trying to enter through a door on the side of the home.

When that failed, the burglar goes around the back of the house, jumps on top of the homeowner’s AC unit, and climbs through an unlocked bathroom window.

“I open the door and go down the hall and before I know it, he’s already inside. I yelled to him, ‘Hey, I got a gun! It pretty much scared him and once he saw that I was armed he was ready to go,'” says Mosley.

Mosley says unfortunately, he left his cell phone in his bedroom and didn’t have a way to call police.

When he realized the burglar wasn’t armed and his life wasn’t in danger, he eventually made the decision to walk the burglar out of his front door holding him at gunpoint.

The burglar insisted on retrieving his cell phone he left under his home, but Mosley told him to leave.

The burglar tried to get retrieve it but Mosley said he fired two warning shots.

He says the suspect eventually ran away and he quickly called deputies.

When the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office arrived, Mosley says the suspect’s phone he left behind was ringing, so the deputy answered it.

“The deputy picked it up and there was a female on the other end and said, ‘Hey is Casey there?'” says Mosley.

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office determined the suspect’s name was Casey Reed, a person who is known to law enforcement.

They found him a short time later nearby and arrested him for burglary.

“If he had entered anyone else’s home in the neighborhood, he wouldn’t be here today. But he entered mine and I know that God has given me grace multiple times so I just felt like if there was a way, he and I could both live for another day, I wake up with no blood on my hands and he has an opportunity to get his life right,” says Mosley.

Reed is being held at Mobile Metro Jail. He has a preliminary hearing set for July 26.

Mosley says since the incident he has increased his home security and considers Reed lucky.

“A lot of people, if you enter their home, they’ll shoot you right on the spot. No questions asked. I want him to understand that he was blessed, not just lucky, that’s he’s got another opportunity to get his life right,” says Mosley.

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