McCalla man charged with ‘violent’ murder of family, may still be in Jefferson County


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department held a press conference Wednesday after filing four capital murder warrants for the arrest of Stephen Sean Hutcheson.

Hutcheson, who is still missing, is charged with the murders of his wife Doris, 49, and two children: son Peyton, 12, who may have been awake during the murders according to the press conference, and daughter Kimberly, 14.

Lt. David Agee talked about the four murder charges put on Hutcheson.

Agee stated in the press conference that the evidence is clear that Hutcheson killed his family, shooting them on Friday night. He said that a task force charged with investigating the triple homicide has a clear outline of Hutcheson’s activities after the murder.

“He is the only person responsible for these deaths. We are convinced. The evidence is overwhelming,” said Agee.

WIAT 42 News Reporter Oder asked Agee what the state of the crime scene was. Agee responded that the home was a mess; it was a very violent scene.

“I’m saying the crime scene was a mess. It was a very violent scene,” said Agee

Investigators didn’t find the victims until Sunday night.

Agee said they believe Hutcheson is still in the Jefferson County area based on his financial situation. Hutcheson may be armed and dangerous.

They also said he bought cocaine at least three different times over the weekend.

Assistant Jefferson County District Attorney Bill Veatch says Hutcheson’s action that night speak to his mindset during the crime.

“I think law enforcement pretty well knows where he bought his cocaine,” said Veitch.

“And I would not think that the ‘went crazy’ defense would work too well when you’re off having a good time with your girlfriend immediately after,” said Veitch.

The girlfriend is not believed to have any knowledge of the murders. Agee states that the task force located and questioned her. She is not believed to be hiding Hutcheson.

According to Agee, Hutcheson used his slain wife’s cellphone after he murdered his family to contact and mislead her family. Reportedly, the crime scenes tell a story: it is possible that the son Peyton was awake and saw what Hutcheson was doing.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office asked that Hutcheson turn himself in; that’s the best thing for him to do.

If found, Hutcheson will be taken to the Jefferson County Jail, Bessemer division where he will be held without bond.

Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney Bill Veitch talked very openly about how these alleged murders in McCalla are affecting him and the community.

We talked just a few hours ago here at his office in Bessemer after new details surrounding the alleged murders were released.

According to Jefferson County Sheriff’s investigators, Stephen Hutcheson allegedly shot his wife and two young children while they slept on Friday night.

He then met up with his girlfriend and checked into a local motel.

I was told that authorities know that Hutcheson bought cocaine over the weekend as well.

When deputies arrived Sunday, the scene they saw was particularly disturbing.

It’s something Veitch says will stick with him.

“We don’t have many daddies that execute their children…that’s the you know I’ve got children myself so…it’s just not something I can wrap my brain around, and it is kinda…I’m supposed to be a detached professional, but I’m not. I’m not. It’s personal. I don’t like it and it hurts. It’s a horrible thing and I won’t get over it,” said Veitch.

Hutcheson was an employee with the Shelby County School District.

Both the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s office are confident that Stephen Hutcheson will be found.

They ask that if you see him in the area, not to approach him, but simply call the police.

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