BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin issued a statement Friday in response to the recent uptick of violence in the city.

The statement comes following a night of three separate homicide investigations in Birmingham that left four people dead. The details of the investigations are echoed by Woodfin.

“A person was killed while in their parked car. Another person shot while on his porch. A man and woman lost their lives inside a home,” Woodfin’s statement reads. “That case once again displays the tragedy of domestic violence where an individual lashes out through rage rather than turning to alternatives in resolving conflicts.”

Woodfin notes that these crimes were committed near homes and private property, places he describes as “areas police are not expected to patrol.”

“These three cases represent the need for the people of our community to examine what is happening,” the statement reads. “Once again and far too often, individuals shoot away what they see as a problem or conflict.”

Woodfin’s statement closes by discussing how the community should reflect on these incidents.

“Our police will do everything possible to protect the public and investigate crime,” the statement reads. “But each of us must ask the question: what am I willing to do to change the situation? As a community, as families, as individuals, we must act responsibly and demand responsibility from those we influence and interact with in our daily lives.”

The full statement can be read on the City of Birmingham’s official website, which also provides resources for those seeing help in domestic violence cases.