Juvenile threatens to burn Blount County Deputy home


Blount County, Ala. (WIAT) — A Blount county juvenile is in custody after they made a threat to burn a deputy’s home following a drug arrest made over the weekend.

Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon took to social media, defending his deputies and all of law enforcement from threats made against them.

“It just hits closer to home that one of my guys who was doing exactly what he was trained to do. Doing the things he is supposed to be doing to enforce the law,” Sheriff Moon said.

The deputy threatened sent Sheriff Moon a video the juvenile took of his home, stating they would burn the home down. He says the deputy lives with his parents and sister.

“That puts them at great fear and puts them in jeopardy,” Sheriff Moon said.

“It infuriated me,” Sheriff Moon said.

Sheriff Moon says the deputy was off duty at a near by business close to his home when he noticed some noise near by. The deputy got in his patrol car to check out what was going on and encountered several people. He asked them several questions, then noticed the smell of marijuana. He then called for back up to the closest municipality. A K-9 Officer for Blount County also responded to the scene, and the dog found more marijuana and other drugs. Four people were taken into custody.

Sheriff Moon says his deputy did everything right in that situation. He hopes after incidents like these, no more officers or people are threatened like that again.

According to Moon, the prosecution process has already begun for the juvenile and believes they will be charged as an adult within the coming weeks.

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