Judge sentences Tuscaloosa man to life in prison for murdering landlord


(Left-Clifford Madison, Right-Emmett Kyzer)

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT/AP) — Monday morning, a Tuscaloosa County Court Judge Brad Almond sentenced Clifford Madison to life in prison for murdering 82-year-old Emmett Kyzer in 2016.

A week ago jurors deliberated in the murder trial of a man accused of beating his wheelchair-using landlord with a bat, stabbing him with an ice pick and burning his body.

Jurors convened Friday to determine if Madison murdered Kyzer in 2016. Kyzer disappeared after asking the sheriff’s office how to evict someone.

The prosecution’s star witness is Madison’s ex-girlfriend Marla Johnsey. She said she provided the ice pick he used to stab Kyzer in the heart, and they burned the body together.

Deputies found the bloody wheelchair in Kyzer’s yard.

Johnsey said she kept quiet for nearly two years because Madison abused her.

The judge said jurors must acquit Madison if they believe Johnsey was more of an accomplice than a fearful eyewitness.

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