TROY, Ala. (WIAT) — Jack Dawson, a punter on the Jacksonville State University football team, has been arrested and made bond on multiple assault charges related to his alleged abuse of a former Troy University teammate, John Haynes, a Troy magistrate confirmed Monday afternoon.

The confirmation of Dawson’s arrest on the three misdemeanor charges comes hours after CBS 42 reported active warrants — and a federal lawsuit — against the football player. The warrant against Dawson had gone unserved since they were first issued last October.

The federal lawsuit against Dawson, which names Troy University and three of Haynes’s former coaches as defendants, claims that the punter repeatedly harassed and abused his former teammate. That abuse, which Haynes said was the result of players’ perception that he was gay, “ranged from verbal harassment, which include[d] sexual statements and homophobic slurs, to molestation and violence, ultimately culminating with the forced sodomy of [John Haynes] with a pool cue,” according to the federal lawsuit filed last month.

On Monday afternoon, Troy magistrate David Hennigan confirmed Dawson had turned himself in to authorities in the city.

“Dawson came and turned himself in,” Hennigan said in an email. “He was arrested and made bond.”

Dawson’s attorney, Mary-Ellen Bates, claimed Friday that neither Dawson nor Jacksonville State University knew about the warrants against the Australian-born player until CBS 42 contacted them about the issue. Regarding the federal lawsuit, the lawyer said she is not yet in a position to discuss the factual allegations surrounding the case. She said, however, that the claims outlined in Haynes’ federal lawsuit are “simply allegations.” JSU and its athletic department have not responded to request for comment as of this article’s publication.

Troy University has denied all allegations outlined in the federal complaint and said it will “vigorously defend itself in court.”

Until Dawson’s arrest this week, the warrants against Dawson had gone unserved for months. Raymond Johnson Jr., a Birmingham-based criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor, said that it’s unusual that a warrant in such a case would not be served fairly quickly, even when the person being sought by law enforcement had moved out of the area. That’s even more true in a case like this where the defendant’s whereabouts are covered in the media, as Dawson’s had been, Johnson said. 

“I don’t understand why it would take them so long to serve the warrant,” Johnson explained. “They know where he is. They know how to get him if they wish to do so. It’s just a matter of picking up the phone and asking someone to go out and make the arrest.”

Troy Municipal Court records show Dawson is scheduled for an initial court appearance in October.

You can read CBS 42’s initial report on the allegations against Jack Dawson here.