HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A Huntsville man was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole on Thursday for the 2018 stabbing death of ‘good Samaritan’ Tiffany Kelley.

X’Zavier Kamontae Scott was charged with capital murder in connection to the stabbing death of 29-year-old Kelley. Kelley was coined a ‘good Samaritan’ for agreeing to give then-21-year-old Scott and his 16-year-old girlfriend Domanek Jackson a ride.

In September 2018, investigators said the pair approached Kelley at a store in South Huntsville to ask for a ride and Kelley agreed to give the pair a ride.

Kelley was on her way home to pick up some items before driving Scott and his girlfriend to their destination, and as she was reportedly about to turn into her mobile home community, when she was stabbed multiple times and thrown out of the car.

The pair then took her car and traveled to Clarke County, where deputies found them. They were extradited to the Madison County Jail on September 28, 2018, and charged with capital murder.

Scott’s first trial ended in a mistrial after jurors heard opening statements, including testimony that was barred as part of a pretrial agreement. Any discussion of Scott being violent toward/hitting Jackson was to be barred from testimony, according to the agreement.

When an investigator was testifying, that topic came up and Scott’s attorneys asked for a mistrial, stating, “that bell can’t be un-rung.”

The judge went to his chambers to “think about it” but came out moments later to declare the mistrial.

It was at Jackson’s trial in September 2022 that Scott admitted under oath he was the one who stabbed Kelly.

That bit of information was brought to light in front of the jury in Scott’s new trial on Wednesday. Prosecutors presented the sworn testimony in front of the jury that Scott gave during Jackson’s trial. In it, Scott said he “blacked out and just started stabbing her.”

Prosecutors also read a letter written by Scott that was addressed to Judge Donna Pate, the presiding judge in his case, that had been read at Jackson’s trial. In the letter, Scott said he took “full responsibility” and apologized for the killing. He said he was homeless at the time of the crime and dealing with depression.

Jackson was found not guilty of the murder, but jurors convicted her of robbery and she was sentenced to life in prison.

The state has 30 days to assess restitution and the defense has 42 days to file an appeal.

After the trial concluded News 19 spoke with members of Tiffany Kelly’s family. Her mother, Tina Creque and sister, Ashley Beichler, said they’ve been waiting a long time for justice.

“We feel like she can rest now, we finally got justice,” Creque said, adding that it had been a “long fight, but we did it.”

“Five long years,” said Beichler.

Beichler said the trial for Domanek Jackson was a disappointment.

“The first one we got off so easy, and I really thought this one was going to be the same way,” she said. “I’m just glad somebody is finally responsible and paying for it.”

Tiffany’s mother, Tina, said Tiffany would do anything to help others.

“She was the glue that held our family together, always had a smile on her face,” she said. “Her being so kindhearted is what got her in trouble, ultimately, because she was just trying to help somebody; That’s just who she was.”

The family said they “feel bad” for X’Zavier Scott’s family. Now, 25 years old, Scott will spend the rest of his life in prison.

“We in no way hold his family responsible for what he’s done,” Creque said. “We feel just as bad for them because they basically lost a child as well.”