TALLADEGA COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — The Weaver Police Department reported Saturday that a man led police on a high-speed pursuit after killing a woman, Katlynn Jones, he claimed was his girlfriend and shooting her 4-year-old child before ending his own life at the end of the chase.

According to the WPD, 21-year-old Alex L. Haynes confessed to his mother that he had killed a woman whom he claimed was his girlfriend at 97 Juanita Lane in Jacksonville. After the call, his mother contacted police and requested them to perform a welfare check at the Jacksonville.

“There’s just so much all over social media saying that this was domestic violence and that they were together, they were girlfriend and boyfriend – and they weren’t,” Cassandra McGill, Jones’s sister told CBS 42. “That was never a thing.”

According to McGill, Jones and Haynes had been friends until Haynes began displaying stalker-like behavior.

“Both of them do not have life insurance,” she said. “We really need all the help we can get for medical expenses, to bury one and possibly have to bury another.”

The family is asking for donations to their GoFundMe page. For those who can’t afford donate, they’re asking the community to share the fundraiser page on social media and send prayers.

Upon arriving, officers discovered what appeared to be a forced entry of a window on the rear door of the house. Inside, they found the deceased body of Katlynn M. Jones. The 24-year-old had been shot and stabbed numerous times.

Officers also found Jones’s 4-year-old son with a gunshot wound to the head. As of Saturday, the boy was reportedly in critical condition and being treated at UAB Hospital.

A short time later, Haynes was located by the Anniston Police Department. A high-speed chase ensued. The Oxford Police Department took over the pursuit as it crossed over into the Oxford area.

The chase ended in a Talladega County field where Haynes shot himself. He later died as a result of the self-inflicted injury.

No officers were injured during the pursuit.

Investigators are still working to identify a motive for this crime.

This story was updated to reflect that Jones’ sister and mother deny that Haynes was her boyfriend, contrary to earlier reports from law enforcement.