WALKER COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — New footage shows what Anthony “Tony” Mitchell experienced at the Walker County Jail before his death in police custody earlier this year.

In an undated video shared by lawyers representing Mitchell’s family, Mitchell can be seen being taken out of his cell in a wheelchair. The footage, which does not contain any audio, shows Mitchell, who had been in the jail since Jan. 12 on an attempted murder charge, sliding out of the wheelchair before being pulled back up by two deputies and rolled in front of them.

The footage shows Mitchell, who is shown sitting upright in the wheelchair, not wearing shoes with his head rolling forward and to the side as deputies stand near him. It is not clear what is being said in the encounter.

At one point, Mitchell is shown with his hands slightly raised before he starts leaning back in the wheelchair as a deputy approaches him. From that point, two deputies are seen lifting Mitchell out of the wheelchair by his jumpsuit and carrying him back into his cell, where he is laid down on the ground, the door is closed, and the deputies walk away.

Later in the video, deputies are seen going back into the cell, picking up Mitchell by his jumpsuit again and carrying him into another part of the jail. Mitchell appears limp in the footage with his head back.

On Jan. 27, Mitchell died after being taken from the jail to a nearby hospital. His family is suing the Walker County Sheriff’s Office.