Following recent shooting, Birmingham council gives Club Euphoria 90 days to come up with safety plan


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Following a number of shootings that have happened Club Euphoria over the last couple of years, the Birmingham City Council has given the club 90 days to come up with a safety plan to curb violence.

On Tuesday, the council held a hearing on whether or not to revoke the business license for the club. This comes two weeks after a shooting where people sustained injuries. That same night, 21-year-old Lykeria Briana Taylor was found shot to death a couple of miles outside the club on Warrior Road after she had just left the club.

In November 2019, there was a shooting outside the club where one person died and four others were injured.

Christian Rice, the lawyer representing Club Euphoria, maintained that the club was already in the process of putting together a safety plan and that the owner was willing to work with the city.

“At the end of the day, this is a business that offers opportunities that Birmingham wouldn’t have,” said Rice, adding the venue’s showcase of local business owners as well as concerts.

During the hearing, several people who live in the neighborhood spoke about their frustrations with the club, ranging from loud music late at night to cars parking on their lawns and even trash being left out on the street.

“I hate to shut down anybody, but I fell like if you’re going to be so disrespectful in our community, we don’t need you in our community,” resident Costella Adams-Tyrell said.

Others expressed concerns for their safety.

“It’s almost like you have to stand outside with your pistol because you never know what is going to go down,” resident Homer Logan said.

Some, however, expressed support for Club Euphoria, saying it is a good place for young business owners to network, as well as a good entertainment venue.

“I understand the safety concerns, but I don’t know whey he’s being held to a different standard than other clubs around the city,” Brittney Farrington said. “You’re more safe at Euphoria than you are on 3rd Avenue.”

As part of the hearing, District 2 Councilor Hunter Williams played a choppy video published on Facebook that showed a shooting at the club June 14 where people were running and someone was reporting that there had been a shooting.

District 5 Councilor Darrell O’Quinn said he was in favor of giving Club Euphoria time to come up with a plan, but there are accountability issues that need to be dealt with.

“We can give these folks some time to created a safety plan, but if there is no compliance, if there is no enforcement in the surrounding community that is keeping the racing and the other issues that come along with it, then we’re not really addressing the issue,” O’Quinn said.

Council members such as John Hilliard and Crystal Smitherman were in favor of giving the club another chance.

“After 90 days, if nothing else is change, we need to take a serious look to see whether they should continue or not,” Smitherman said.

District 3 Councilor Valerie Abbott said that the council should be on the side of the residents when it comes to businesses that could be considered a nuisance in the community.

“To me, the nuisance that this venue has created is the problem,” Abbott said. “It’s not just a security plan that’s going to fix this.”

District 8 Councilor Steven Hoyt, whose district covers the club, said it was clear to him that the club was a problem.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would say this club is on crack,” Hoyt said. “It’s out of control.”

As part of the motion, Club Euphoria will have 90 days to come up with a safety plan, as well as being required to update the council’s public safety committee every four weeks.

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