ATLANTA (WIAT) — UPDATE: According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Dewey Green has been sentenced to life without parole.

ORIGINAL: Friday, a jury convicted Dewey Green, of Pelham, for the death of Janice Pitts, 53, of Douglasville, Georgia.

According to CBS 46, witnesses said that Green rear-ended the vehicle of Pitts three times as she waited for the light to turn into the Lowe’s parking lot.

Police told CBS46 that Green hit Pitts by pulling around the left side of the car and pinning her against the car. He then backed up and pulled forward over her several times. Pitts reportedly went into cardiac arrest and later died at Wellstar General Hospital.

Defense attorneys claimed that Green suffered a seizure and did not intend to kill Pitts.

The jury found Dewey Green guilty of aggravated assault and felony murder.

Green had an outburst saying, “I’m not f*****g guilty.” He was escorted out of the courtroom by bailiffs.Warning: This video from Fox 5 contains explicit language.

Those that knew Dewey personally, had mixed views of his character.

“I don’t think he realized what his actions can do sometimes but he definitely wasn’t a vengeful, hateful kind of person,” said Peter Carvonen.

Allison Graham, who went to school with the 24 year old, said this:

“Dewey Green is an extremely disturbed and reckless individual… While my heart truly breaks for his family having to deal with this, I hope and pray he is given the maximum sentence possible.”

Dewey’s sister was filled with emotion while defending her brother.

“He would never ever do something like this,” she said.

The Pitts family was grateful for the verdict.

“We are thankful justice has been served today,” said one family member.

Lauren and Ciara Green issued a statement on behalf of the Green family to WIAT 42 News:

We, the Green family, would like to state that even after the verdict we still know and believe that Dewey is innocent of murder. There were a lot of behind the scenes details that took place that no one saw and that the media did not post and we are here to set that straight. Dewey asked for help and to be taken to the hospital the day of the accident and he was denied a hospital visit until 7 weeks later when there was no evidence of head trauma. Had he been taken to the hospital immediately, they would have had the full proof to show his head trauma. The judge denied our request to have that evidence shown to the jury. Dewey also passed two polygraph tests that were given to him by an expert polygrapher that worked for Douglas county for 37 years. He himself said he knew Dewey was innocent and not lying and that they should drop the charges. These polygraph tests were also denied to be used as evidence in court. The DA and multiple news reports claimed there were “so many drugs in his system”, but on the toxicology report the drugs were not even on the charts. The judge also denied our request for our expert re-constructionist to be let in, but allowed the DA to have one. They illegally seized Dewey’s cell phone at the time of the accident and then used things on his phone that had nothing to do with the case against him.

The law [states] that you can not be held accountable for anything you do while being unconscious and Dewey was unconscious at the time of Ms. Pitts death. There are witnesses who stated that something was not right with him and he was unaware of what was going on. One witness made a 911 call telling the dispatcher that Dewey was seizing and needed medical attention.   

The DA and the news chose to show a video of him dancing in jail but the only reason he was doing that was to lift our spirits because he knew we were worried and sad. Dewey loves to make people laugh. Why don’t they show the videos of him crying and praying for the family?? Why don’t they show his videos of confusion?? Those videos exist, they just chose to not show them because they are deliberately trying to paint a horrible picture of an innocent man. 

The DA manipulated the Pitts family into believing it was a murder instead of a tragic car accident. We hope and pray that one day they will see and understand the truth and that maybe once they realize it was an accident and not an intended murder, they will be able to heal. 

Dewey Green’s sister Ciara said to WIAT 42 in an email:

As we were sitting watching the trial, It was totally different than what we expected. It’s like the truth doesn’t really matter as long as you can up one another. If the DA makes a mistake it’s no big deal because it’s not their life. The Judge seems to lean more to the prosecution and that’s not what we expected either. The media picks the clips you are shown so you don’t see the whole story. They got to get good ratings you know?! The jury was completely blind to the way evidence was purposely kept out and how it is all twisted just to advance careers. God help us because it’s not innocent until proven guilty anymore. The justice system very unjust and there is a lot of corruption and lies allowed and lives of innocent people are ruined.. Prayers please for Dewey and all other innocent people and their families.. Thank You All

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