HEADLAND, Ala. (WDHN) — Headland, Alabama held its annual Christmas tree lighting, children’s choir, and Christmas parade on Thursday.

At this event, there were one spectacle attendees got to witness that wasn’t holiday-related — an arrest for disorderly conduct.

“Going around burning incense, doing loud chanting,” Chief Of Police for Headland, Mark Jones said. “Then they went around and put the incense in people’s faces. Patrons on the square were trying to enjoy the activities going on and she was harassing them by burning the incense in their faces.”

Kimberly Griggs was the one arrested, and she says that’s not how she remembers it.

“I was arrested by what you call it: disorderly conduct, I call it the holy spirit,” Griggs said. “I can’t say I did this because it was out of my control. When the holy ghost comes into you, you can not control that. That was natural.”

Chief Jones says Griggs was disturbing the peace, and they would not have intervened had the public’s safety not been a concern.

“There was some threatening there from them,” Chief Jones said. “And it just became a safety hazard for the people on the square.”

Griggs says there was no hazard coming from her.

“The public wasn’t in danger. If I wanted to attack you I would have attacked you,” said Griggs. “I spoke to no one, but walked around talking to myself.”

According to Chief Jones, this is an abnormality.

“Been here going on 18 years, and it’s the first time we have ever dealt with anything like that,” Chief Jones said.

Griggs was charged with disorderly conduct and has since posted a bond, which Chief Jones said was around $500.

Chief Jones wants to leave everyone with this thought.

“Anybody that wants to express their religion or whatever they have got, they have a right to,” Chief Jones said. “Is just when they start harassing other people and making others feel unsafe, and threaten other people, that’s when we get involved.”