‘Cease Fire Birmingham’ organization seeks to end violence


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A mission is underway to end the violence in Birmingham.

It’s called “Cease Fire Birmingham,” and the group behind it is teaming up with the Birmingham Housing Authority and Birmingham police.

Residents of Elyton Village says they need an end to the violence. Cynthia MacDonald lives in that neighborhood.

“Every night, everybody be shooting in here–you don’t know where the bullet going to land,” she said. McDonald says she is tired of the violence. She told us most of the problems come from people coming into her community.

“You see a lot of shooting, a lot of shooting, a lot of fighting, you see a lot of drugs sales–you see a lot of everything,” she said.

Patrick Stephens is fed up with what he says feels like never-ending violence.

“Gunshots at night, sometimes during the daytime–just any given time of day,” he reflected.

Cease Fire Birmingham hopes to reduce the violence, like the kind McDonald and Stephens are weary of, throughout the city of Birmingham. They will visit Elyton Village August 13. They will target 13 to 21 year olds, and speak to community members here and offer mentoring and recreation programs.

McDonald thinks this could really help.

“Start when they are young, and maybe they won’t turn out like the ones nowadays.”

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