CALERA, Ala. (WIAT) — Calera police intercepted a car Wednesday morning after it had been carjacked from a deputy’s mother in Jefferson County earlier that day. 

According to the Calera Police Department, the car was hijacked early Wednesday morning in Jefferson County. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Joni Money confirmed the car belonged to the mother of a JCSO deputy. 

According to a Facebook post from the CPD, the victim was injured when the suspect broke into her window. The victim’s dog was also taken during the carjacking. 

The CPD reported there was an accident on County Road 25 near 23 and Lhoist after the suspect in a carjacking incident was located and intercepted by CPD officers. 

The suspect, 18 years old, reportedly told officers he was lost. 

The CPD stated there were no injuries to the suspect or innocent bystanders. Additionally, the victim’s dog was safely returned to her after the accident. 

In a Facebook post, CPD noted it makes “no apologies for enforcing the law and arresting violent criminals.”

“The suspect made a series of bad decisions this morning,” CPD Chief David Hyche said in a statement. “He committed a violent crime against someone’s mother and took her car by force. He fled law enforcement when he and the vehicle were located. He drove in a reckless manner endangering Calera Officers, innocent citizens and himself. He came to Calera.”