BROOKSIDE, Ala. (WIAT) — More information is coming out about the actions of officers from the Brookside Police Department.

Former Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Simon was appointed by the city to investigate claims of officers racially profiling drivers. He told CBS 42 his early findings suggest officers didn’t necessarily target African American drivers, but did try to target people who couldn’t potentially pay the fines to follow. He added it’s harder for people with less money to fight pending charges against them.

“There are people who are facing an overwhelming mountain of fines and punishments. And really the only way out for many of them is to just pay,” Simon said.

During his investigation, he continues to hear more and more horror stories about some of the actions by Brookside officers.

“But after you’ve heard 30 to 40 of the same thing, you realize that this is a nightmare,” Simon said.

When it comes to gathering information from the city of Brookside, including Mayor Mike Bryan, Simon said they have cooperated with all he’s asked for.

“They’re doing what they can to participate in this process and to be cooperative and not to be obstructionist,” Simon said.

Simon said he wants to gather all the information he can in order to prevent this from happening again.

CBS 42 reached out to Brookside PD and the Interim Chief Henry Irby on the early findings and if this impacts the path of the department going forward. We’re still waiting for comment.