BLOUNT COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Daniel Kelsoe, a Blount County correctional officer, was arrested on Thursday amid allegations of sexual contact with two female inmates.

On Friday, Sherriff Mark Moon held a press conference where he shared that accusations were brought to light on Tuesday against Kelsoe, who had been with the department since last April.

“When we get an allegation, we take those allegations seriously,” said Moon. “We don’t just believe everything that they tell us, but that’s why we do an investigation. When an allegation this serious is made, we absolutely just jump into this, immediately trying to get some truth.”

Kelsoe was placed on administrative leave shortly after accusations surfaced.

Moon said that lead investigator Sergeant Edward Hull conducted numerous interviews with several female inmates, as well as Kelsoe. Moon said that after Hull completed the interviews, he gave Kelsoe his business card, telling him to call any time if he wanted to speak. Kelsoe allegedly called him later that night, saying he wanted to talk.

According to Moon, Kelsoe came back to the station for another interview, where he allegedly confessed to the crimes.

Kelsoe was arrested and charged with two counts of sexual contact and placed in a holding cell, later being taken to an undisclosed outside facility.

“We take these crimes seriously,” Moon said. “This kind of thing will not be tolerated.”

Kelsoe was fired shortly after probable cause was presented.

Blount County Sherriff’s Office is working on completing and executing warrants for a bond to be set.