MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — The Alabama Department of Corrections Law Enforcement Services Division arrested two people for allegedly promoting prison contraband on Saturday.

According to the ADOC, the two individuals were found trespassing in a vehicle on the property of Elmore Correctional Facility in Elmore County. Officers responded and performed a traffic stop where driver Kathryn Kelli Washington and passenger Jadarius Daniel were apprehended.

A K-9 team searched the vehicle and found on a large red cooler bag in the vehicle’s back seat. The red bag contained four packages of illegal contraband.

Both suspects were taken to Elmore Correctional Facility to be interviewed by the LESD. The suspects were then arrested and charged with first-degree promoting prison contraband and placed in the Elmore County Jail.

“The presence of illegal drugs is a growing challenge faced by correctional systems across the country,” ADOC Commissioner John Hamm said in a release. “Criminals often go to significant lengths to bypass security systems and seek to introduce drugs and other types of illegal contraband into facilities. The ADOC is committed to enforcing its zero-tolerance policy on contraband.”

The investigation of the suspects is still ongoing, and further charges may be added.