ANNISTON, Ala. (WIAT) — Authorities are investigating an early morning shooting that occurred at a graduation party in Anniston Friday.

According to Anniston Police, six people were hit by gunfire at the party on 1204 Front St. None of the injuries are considered life threatening. Police said 150 people from all over the area were in attendance.

Multiple vehicles were hit by stray bullets and at least one person was injured leaving the scene.

Jamarion Orr had to run and hide for his life inside the Nu Riders Motorcycle Club Friday morning. His truck was hit, but he is alive.

“It was loud, and we were in the building with the door closed, gate down and your ears were just ringing,” Orr said. “They were letting them fly.”

Several firearms and dozens of shell casings were recovered.

“It makes me mad just talking about it because I don’t understand how you can put somebody’s life in danger like that,” Orr said. “It’s despicable to me.” 

Anniston Police Chief Nick Bowles said they got noise and parking complaints, but there were no signs of violence or a need to break up the group.

“If it’s not showing those signs, those obvious signs then we’re not going to look at breaking up any kind of gathering,” Bowles said. “They have rights to gather so we’re not going to do that unless we have justification to do so and we did not at the time.”

Bowles said gun violence is not how that party should have ended.

“This is real life and life is fragile. There are no do overs,” Bowles said. “If somebody goes to prison for 25-50 years for something they did when they were 18 years old, that’s it. There’s no getting that time back.” 

This is especially true for Orr, who was picking up his friend because he needed a designated driver.

“It’s not worth no body’s life, especially if you’re going to play fake gangster and not actually be about that, just showing off for an image, that’s not fair,” Orr said. “I was just making sure my brothers were okay. That’s just the instinct that I have. A truck is a truck, that’s just a materialistic item. Can’t really do anything with that over a life.”

The case is ongoing. If you have any information, contact the APD Investigative Division at 256-240-4000.