3 men charged in Blount County double homicide


BLOUNT COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Three men have been arrested and charged with the murders of Blount County couple Gary “Sambo” Hazelrig and Breann Sherrer.

The suspects are Paul Trull, 18, William Bosner, 20 and Michael Dooley, 32. Police say the three men were attempting to rob the couple, but after a struggle ensued, the couple was shot multiple times by two different weapons.

“They have been arrested and charged with nine separate charges related to the deaths of these two individuals,” said District Attorney Pamela Casey. Capital murder, robbery and theft are a few of the charges being brought on the three men, Casey said they plan to seek the death penalty.

The case was helped by a big tip received by lead investigator Fred Cochran who admitted that he ran into a number of dead ends on the case.

“It was information about the crime scene that no one should have known unless someone who was there,” he said.

One of the suspect’s own admission is what really broke the case open according to Cochran. After first denying involvement, Michael Dooley, who was supposed to be the driver in the robbery attempt, told police where all the evidence was, including a 4-wheeler, TV and weapons used in the murder.

Dooley also admitted that William Bosner, 20 and Paul Trull shot and killed the couple during the robbery.

After hitting so many obstacles, Cochran said this break in the case is something he prayed about, “I believe that’s what caused the tip to come in, that brick wall we talked about, it was finally somebody…a prayer was answered.”

According to the district attorney, this is the first double homicide in Blount County since the late 1970s. This case will get in line with a number of others that are awaiting trial because the county has only one judge. Officials say this could take 2-3 years before justice is officially served.

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