Correction: Facebook to remove anti-vaccine blog posts that break community standards


(WIAT) — Facebook is working to hide anti-vaccine group posts that break community standards. The social media platform is doing so to curb the spread of false information about vaccines. A representative of Facebook told CBS 42:

We are fully committed to the safety and integrity of our community. As with other kinds of misinformation on Facebook, all health-related articles are eligible for fact-checking by our fact-checking partners, of which we have 39 around the world and are looking to expand. We show articles that third-party fact-checkers mark as false lower, and show third-party fact-checker articles higher to provide people with more context. We also remove content that violates our Community Standards.

Some of the additional things we’re considering include reducing or removing this type of content from recommendations, and demoting it in search results and feed.

We will start to remove certain advertising targeting options, like “vaccine controversies,” to help reduce the potential for distribution of misinformation

The site says the groups will not be taken down, but they will not show up as recommendations from Facebook. Posts with misinformation about vaccines will also appear further down news feeds. Public health experts say social media has helped in the spread of false information about the safety of vaccinations. 

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