Coronavirus evacuee quarantined in Nebraska undergoing evaluation


OMAHA, NE – (WIAT & CNN) “Out of an abundance of caution,” CDC officials decided Friday to transport a person who was under quarantine for coronavirus to the Nebraska Medicine – UNMC for evaluation.

Courtesy: WOWT

According to a release from Nebraska Medicine, “This person developed some extremely mild upper respiratory symptoms overnight.”

Health officials say the person is being taken to the National Quarantine Unit on the Nebraska Medicine – UNMC campus. While there, the person will be tested for COVID-19 and will be monitored continuously.

According to WOWT and CNN, last week, 57 people flew from China to the U.S. and they were eventually taken to Omaha. While there, they were taken to Camp Ashland to wait out the remainder of their two-week quarantine period.

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