Company adapts discontinued waffle recipe for boy with autism



October 02 2021 06:00 pm

(NEXSTAR) – After learning that the only food her nine-year-old would eat – a certain flavor of waffles – had been discontinued, a Canadian mother embarked on a desperate path to find a supply. When the company that makes them found out about her mission, they found an ingenious way to help her out.

Jenna Roman’s son Jerico has autism and struggles to eat solid foods.

“Jerico is almost 10 and has been struggling with eating since he was 8 months old when more textured food was introduced,” Roman explained on a GoFundMe page to fund a stockpile of the frozen waffles.”He has autistic (diagnosed at 2yrs old) and suffers with extreme Oral Aversion and complex eating challenges plus highly sensitive gag reflex.”

She manages to get him the nutrients he needs in the form of smoothies, according to the Vancouver Sun, but the only solid food he tolerates is Nature’s Path organic maple cinnamon waffles.

When the company learned of Roman’s struggle to find additional boxes of the waffles they located eight cases that were still available in Illinois and had them shipped, a spokesperson for Nature’s Path, Samantha Falk, told the paper.

The company knew the supply would eventually run out, and with no new plans to bring back the waffle flavor they decided to find a solution that would set up Jerico for as long as he needed.

“Well, I am so happy to say our incredible R&D Team was able to adapt our recipe for home use – and we delivered the recipe and all the ingredients to Jerico & his mom Jenna today,” Falk tweeted on Friday.

Falk said converting the recipe wasn’t easy because of the lack of commercial ingredients that help foods stay good on store shelves. In fact, it took a month of work to strike the right balance of taste and consistency.

“Thank you to all my heroes who have stepped in to help us in any type of way,” Roman wrote on the GoFundMe page. “We appreciate you.”

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