Community members address concerns on ADEM not holding Big Sky landfill responsible


ADAMSVILLE, Ala (WIAT) — A community meeting was held in Adamsville Thursday night to discuss issues surrounding the dropping off of out-of-state human waste at the Big Sky Environmental Landfill. 

Nelson Brooke from Black Warrior Riverkeeper spoke at the event. He informed attendants that everyone’s health is at risk because the sludge can enter into our groundwater.

The community discussed the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) and what the community could do to keep them from resigning Big Sky’s permit to bring the waste in. 

“People are concerned and are willing to come together to solve the problem,” said Adamsville resident Tracy Robbins.

Brooke explained how the waste could contaminate the town’s ground and surface water. 

“They need to be concerned about contamination of groundwater and surface water, mainly village creek,” Brooke said. “These are our natural waters. A lot of people swim in this area, lot of people fish in this part of river and want to be guaranteed clean water.”

Mayors from several neighboring towns in Jefferson County were at the meeting, but none from Adamsville.

“The mayor knows fully well whats going on, and so does the council because they’re on the Big Sky board,” said Robbins.

Adamsville Mayor Pam Palmer talked to CBS 42 before the meeting. She said Big Sky is not the one to blame. 

“They weren’t violating any regulation with the health department. Every department has cleared them. They’re good to go,” said Mayor Palmer.

Mayor Palmer said the waste going to the landfill was class b biosolid, meaning it was chemically-treated waste that isn’t harmful and dry. The mayor said her only concern is an area where Jefferson County waste is being sent to.

“I can guarantee you that the waste stream in Jefferson County, Alabama is not going to be the same as waste stream from New York and New Jersey because there are a lot more people up there, a whole different sleuth of businesses and industries,” said Brooke. 

There has been no word if ADEM will resign the permit and allow out-of-state human waste to be brought to Big Sky Landfill.

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