Cold weather causing problems for homeowners


BIRMINGHAM, ALA. (WIAT)- The weather outside has been frigid and caused a lot of problems for homeowners pipes in Central Alabama.

Local plumbing companies have been very busy responded to calls of frozen pipes and pipes bursting.

“A lot of calls coming in for busted pipes starts at 7’clock in the morning and does not stop until 7’clock at night,” said Erick Samples with Simple Service Plumbing and Drain Cleaning.

 Monday they responded to a home where water was leaking out into the bathroom caused by a busted pipe.

“It flooded the whole interior of that side of the house we turned the water off as quickly as we could, helped her sweep out the mess and made the repairs,” said Samples.

They have responded to pipes being frozen. Samples said he recommends covering any exposed pipes, and using protectors to cover outdoor faucets.

“If you cannot protect those pipes let them drip and the colder it gets you should let the water pass through those faucets,” said Samples.

That method has been working for Alan Montgomery.

“Seems to have kept the pipes from freezing,” said Montgomery.

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