Clay-Chalkville student bullied, recovering after attempted suicide

Christmas Day
December 25 2021 12:00 am

CLAY, Ala. (WIAT) — A sophomore student at Clay-Chalkville High School continues to recover in Children’s Hospital after attempting suicide because she was bullied at her school.

Tiffany Bolinger said her daughter had been bullied since last year,  but it was a text message she received Tuesday that sent her over the edge.

“My 15-year-old received a text message from a fellow classmate telling her to go kill herself,” said Bolinger.

Hurt by the message, Tiffany’s daughter decided to take matters into her own hands later that afternoon.

“My daughter took about 40-300 milligram aspirin, she had no side effects until the following morning,” Tiffany said.

She woke up with extreme stomach pains, vomiting and seizure-like symptoms. Her mother took her to Children’s Hospital, where they told Tiffany the dosage was lethal, but that she would be okay.

“She has been medically cleared and is actually, now for a few days under observation in the psychiatric unit,” Bolinger said.

Bolinger says bullying is a problem all too common in schools, especially with the power of social media.

“Kids post stuff on the internet and it goes through the whole school in a matter of minutes,” she said. “Especially my daughter, she wants everybody to like her, so for her it’s very hard for her to not accept when somebody doesn’t like her–it makes a bigger impression on her.”

Tiffany Bolinger said she wants a solution, to put an end to senseless bullying: “Having some type of disciplinary that is seen throughout the school, you know if there is discipline for bullying, then more kids are going to realize that and not act in the same way.”

Bolinger said the parent of her daughter’s bully reached out to her Thursday and apologized for what happened, and said when she gets better she will sit both sides down to resolve their issues.

The principal of Clay-Chalkville High School, Michael Lee said he did not want to comment on the specific matter, but that his school as well as the Jefferson County School system encourages education and learning that does not condone bullying.

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