City of Birmingham collecting supplies for Hurricane Michael relief


The City of Birmingham is holding a supply drive this week to assist victims of Hurricane Michael.

The drive began Tuesday and lasts until Friday. City leaders and volunteers will be outside Boutwell Auditorium each day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. collecting supplies. All you have to do is drive up in front of the auditorium with the supplies. Volunteers will help you unload your car. City leaders say it’s a way for the city to help others during a time of emergency.

“This a great place. We have great citizens. We have people that care,” city operations manager Don Lupo said. “Mayor Woodfin tells us every day: put people first. And this is our way. This is Birmingham’s way of showing that our folks really do care.”

The city has held supply drives for dozens of other storms including Hurricane Harvery last year and Hurricane Florence recently. But this storm hits much closer to home because of the proximity of its impact.

Central Alabamians also understand what it’s like to deal with storm damage because of the storms that have hit this area in the past. Many say they want to give back now just like other areas helped out here in the past. Birmingham resident Claire Morgan was among the people dropping off supplies on Tuesday.

“We’ve had problems. People have helped us out,” she said. “You just need to give back.”

City leaders say they’re looking for bottled water, canned goods and cleaning supplies. They will not accept clothing or shoes as part of this drive.

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