CLANTON, Ala. (WIAT) – Cutting edge technology is being used for the first time right here in Alabama. The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office is now equipped with the first ever 360 body cameras.

A big announcement Thursday out of Chilton County for law enforcement agencies. Chilton County was selected to be the first in the nation to roll out new 360 view body cameras.

This cutting edge technology will help tell a clearer picture of law enforcement interactions in the county. The Montgomery based company selected Chilton County to test the cameras because its agencies are so well interconnected. Sheriff John Shearon said this will help better protect officers and the public.

“We’ve had situations where you’re facing things but things are going on behind you but when you turn. You’re still not getting the whole view of what’s going on behind you. This, you’re getting all four sides. I mean, that’s a game changer being able to do that,” Shearon said.

The county will get nine cameras, four for the sheriff’s office, four for police and one for the district attorney’s office.

The county will test out the new cameras for one month. We’re told the military is also considering using this technology.