Chelsea siblings plan anti-bullying back to school outfits


CHELSEA, Ala. (WIAT) — A Chelsea family was so inspired by a viral story out of Georgia, that they are bringing their own twist to the fashion statement.

It all started when a mom from Fayette County, Georgia posted a picture of her son wearing a t-shirt that said, “I Will Be Your Friend.” The 6-year-old boy wanted to wear the custom shirt to combat bullying on the first day of school.

Andrea Johnson Greene and her four kids thought it was a great idea. Greene reached out on Facebook, sharing the viral story and asking if anyone could make something for her children.

“I just really don’t want anyone to be lonely or left out,” 12-year-old Isabella Greene said. “Kids have always been kind of drawn to me, and I really like meeting new people and helping other people out.”

Greene said the issue of bullying became personal when they had their 9-year-old daughter Anleigh Grace, who has apraxia of speech, a disorder that makes forming certain words and syllables difficult.

“She actually wasn’t conversational until two weeks before kindergarten,” Greene said. “She’s been through speech therapy and she does really well now, but she still does speech therapy at school. We knew the day would come that the other kids would notice that she was having to leave the classroom.”

Greene said all of her kids have been taught that bullying goes on at every school but to, “treat others as you would want for them to treat you.”

Greene said that her neighbor is currently working on the T-shirts so that they will be ready for the kids’ first day back on Thursday.

“So many people responded [to the Facebook post] that said, I can do it, I can do it,” she explained, “but then we had all of these likes and loves and it was amazing to see how the community reacted to that.”

Greene said her kids are social butterflies anyway, and that they are eager to make friends with any–and everyone.

“We’ve been through it, you know? ” she said. “If you need help, we’ve got friends for you. We come as a party group, we’ve got four kids! You get one, you get us all!”

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