Chelsea Park Elementary PTO supporting fellow families in need

One Class at a time: Chelsea Park Elem. School

CHELSEA, Ala. (WIAT)— The Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) at Chelsea Park Elementary prides themselves in the fundraisers they host at the school to raise money to better the education experience for children. 

While they plan popcorn and pajama days in the winter months and snow cone days during the spring, they ask parents to send their children to school with a few dollars to give back to the school.

Last week, the fundraising efforts were taken to new levels. As the PTO caught word of three families within the school that had lost a parent, they decided to turn the fundraiser towards this cause. The organization put together flyers and asked for parents to send money if possible as they were hoping to help these families during times of mourning.

“I made a little flyer and told people it’s popcorn and pajama day please send $2 but it’s also going to be a fundraiser for families of students that have recently lost a parent,” Leah Eagle, the publicity chair for Chelsea Park’s PTO, said.  

Come popcorn and pajama day last Friday, they were blown away by the results.

“I guess that just really encouraged people to give above and beyond what we usually make on those days. We counted the money after we finished everything on Friday and it came out to $2,670,” Eagle said.

As a few members of the organization took the money to the bank to be counted and organized, an unrelated woman overheard the conversation of the reason for the fundraising. 

“This lady came up to them and said hey, I want to withdraw $330 from my account to give you guys so that way you’ll have $3,000 and each of these families can get $1,000,” Eagle said. 

This random act of kindness allowed the school to donate $1,000 even to each family who is experiencing the loss of a family member. While the PTO knows money will never suffice for their suffering, they were overjoyed to help in any way they could. 

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