Chelsea men building, personalizing bikes for any kid who wants one; asks community for donations


CHELSEA, Ala. (WIAT) — Much like Santa right about now, Charlie Bradford and Zac ‘Zippy’ Ingram are working in overdrive to get kids their presents by Christmas. 

“They’re just gonna get a bike for Christmas, that’s everything they ever dreamed of,” Bradford said.

That’s Bradford and Zippy’s goal. As experienced givers, they decided that they wanted to put their handiwork and mechanic experience to make kids’ year.

A bike built to resemble a candy cane.

“I said there’s gotta be some kids out there that hardly have a Christmas at all that would love to get a bike for Christmas,” he said.

But he needed bikes and kids to give them to. So he took to Facebook to start accepting orders and requesting parts.

Bikes the community has donated to Bikes 4 Kids.

“Before that first week was over, we had 260 members, 20 kids and at least 40 bikes,” Bradford said. People coming from everywhere to help.”

From there, he and Zippy were cranking out personalized bikes for the patriot, the paw patroller, the princess, the Christmas all year kid and so many others.

A bike personalized for a fan of the children’s show Paw Patrol.

“The community is coming together, and that’s the biggest thing I wanted,” Bradford said with a smile on his face. “I wanted everyone to participate, as far stretched as we can get them.”

Bradford and Zippy have an order list that’s pretty long, and they’re planning on going until everyone on this list has a bike – even after Christmas. But to make that possible, they’re gonna need your help. 

“Cash, parts or a new bike,” he said.

You can contribute cash on Venmo using the username @bikesforkids. You can donate everything else or request your very own personalized bike else by joining the Bikes 4 Kids Facebook group and reaching out to Bradford directly.

In the meantime, Bradford and Ingram will be happily working away out of Zippy’s auto shop in Chelsea.

“I feel blessed – and stressed. But I’ll take it. I’ll take the good with the bad – it’s gonna work out.”


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