Check this out: Massive Sunfish washes up on California beach


(WIAT) —  Ok, this looks like something out of a sci-film, but it’s 100 percent real. The creature washed up on the beach last week in southern California. It turns out the seven-foot fish was a long way from home. The strange-looking animal was identified as a Hoodwinker Sunfish,  and it has never been seen before in North America.

The marine scientist who discovered the species says the only known sightings in modern history have been in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile.

Fun facts:

  • There are six species of Sunfish, also known as “Mola” or “Headfish”
  • Sunfish are the largest bony fishes
  • Sunfish are edible and are a delicacy in Southeast Asian countries
  • Sunfish can get as large as 10.9 feet and way 4,000 pounds

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