Centreville family upset after their horse is shot from the road


CENTREVILLE, Ala. (WIAT)– Anna Brown has been riding horses since she was eight-years-old.

She and Sister were brought together when the horse was five months old, and they have a special bond.

Sister is now fighting for her life after being shot with a 12 gauge shotgun Saturday, December 14.

Brown is puzzled and hurt.

She says two men drove by her home and shot the 865 lbs horse from the road.

Brown says there is no explanation as to why.

“They said they thought she was a deer.”

WARNING: Images may be graphic.

Sister was hit in the side and the leg with over 100 pellets from a turkey shot.

Brown says Sister was standing 30 yards from the road in an open, half acre pasture.

“I think they had intentions on doing it,” Brown says.

The horse was taken to Mississippi State University for treatment. The university has given Sister a 50/50 chance of survival.

Tuesday, Brown spent the day with Sister and says she seems to be doing well.

“I just left today and they told me to not be optimistic about it, because things could still take a turn for the worse,” Brown says.

“I just have to prepare myself for things to go badly. And it’s not fair to me. I didn’t deserve it. She didn’t deserve it. I don’t know what their intentions were or why they would want to hurt or kill an innocent animal. “

Brown has set up GoFundMe to help pay for Sister’s treatment.

“I just wish they would put themselves in my shoes. I’m doing all this for her, for Sister, because she can’t speak for herself.”

Brown says she would like an apology from the two men responsible.

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