Central Alabama groups work to wipe out food insecurity on Hunger Action Day


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Friday marked Hunger Action Day, where many Alabama organizations worked to raise awareness of local food insecurity.

Hunger is an issue that impacts families all across America. It hits close to home. In Central Alabama, one in six adults and one in four children don’t have quality access to food.

Throughout the month, CBS 42 News has been part of the mission of teaming up with organizations to spotlight the hard work they do to provide food to those in need.

“You never know who you’re sitting next to at work or in the classroom that hasn’t had a meal,” UAB volunteer Gwynne Mountz said.

“We need to make sure as a community we come around these folks and take care of our neighbors in need,” said Brett Meredith, CEO of the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama.

To make food more accessible, the food bank partners with over 260 organizations to distribute free food.

“We serve 12 counties in central Alabama and through those 12 counties, we know that we’re able to provide about 18 and a half million meals on an annual basis,” Meredith said. “The need is out there it’s great it’s real.”

Meredith said there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to meet their goal of serving over 45 million meals a year.

“Last year, we really had to step up what we did for the community, and we did,” Meredith said. “We increased by 6 million pounds of distribution, or 4 and a half million meals and we supported the community with 18.5 million meals last year and we’re really working to continue that momentum.”

To help keep the food bank’s operation running to meet the needs in the community, it takes many volunteers.

“I was talking to one of the students on our line we were talking about how just this little action just taking two hours out of our day to fill these boxes are going to help local families,” Mountz said.

Anyone interested in partnering with the Food Bank to start a food drive, volunteer, or donate can click here.

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